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Two weeks until our dream wedding in the sun, his wife shows up on our doorstep.

I’ve finally met the man of my dreams. He is successful, generous and popped the perfect proposal. Our gorgeous wedding in Greece is all set. There’s just one problem – his wife arrives in our home and won’t budge.
Scott told me he had never been married. That was a lie.
Dawn has nowhere else to go and a legal right to the beautiful house. It’s awkward beyond belief, but it’s just for a day or two. Scott’s ex is all smiles and apologies. But when he leaves the room, she whispers to me that she won’t leave until the wedding is off.
Now, the days are ticking down to the big day. It’s like I have a shadow everywhere I go, eating my food and wearing my clothes. My possessions are going missing, too. And I fear Dawn is nearing the dark secret I’ve kept hidden all my life.
It is a disaster. But what Dawn and Scott don’t know is that I’m not who I say I am. And I will have my perfect wedding. No matter what.
The Big Day is a gripping psychological thriller that will leave page-turning readers unable to put it down until the final breathtaking twist. Fans of K.L Slater, Freida McFadden and Daniel Hurst will love the addictive twists and turns that will have them racing through the pages long into the night.

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